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"I Talk In Tones"





Thank you in advance for your time, love and support.

My name is Nirvanda(the "d" is silent), my friends call me #naughty,  and I am an artist born and raised in Toronto, Canada.

My art is a reflection of my human experience. I have been blessed to have grown up in an amazing Spiritual and Artistic inter-generational community in Toronto, where our culture continues to thrive.

I am a firm believer, that culture and tradition is the human experience, linking us to the Ancestors and the Spirit of the Earth. Creating a complete holistic path to Divine evolution / growth.

I am here to inspire you in your journey through this evolution, for no one walks alone.

"Love is my Salvation..."

- #naughty.






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"I Talk In Tones"

by NvStheArtist

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