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"I Talk In Tones"





NvStheArtist defines herself as an ODDNOMALY™; A voice for creativity. A Beautiful, talented, singer/songwriter/producer and dynamic performer who infuses her music with a creativity and passion that reflects her genuine lust for life. A visionary who expresses both her strengths and flaws, sharing all sides of herself with her audience. Resulting in a refreshing seductive mix of her multiple personalities: the endearing Peggy Pigtails and domineering “Naughty Nirv.”

Her fundamental understanding of the spiritual and cultural arts, coupled with her sensibility of the marketplace, solidly positions her as an artist and savvy, forward thinking, cultured business woman. As she seamlessly merges her passion, drive, and love for the arts and business into a creatively fueled lifestyle brand ODDNOMALY™.

"NvS is magical.. She creates art without boundaries, not conforming to societal woes. Her commitment to creative evolution evokes a freedom of self wealth and awareness unparalleled".







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"I Talk In Tones"

by NvStheArtist

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