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"I Talk In Tones"





NvStheArtist defines herself as an ODDNOMALY; A seed of love that inspires The #ArtOfLove.

A visionary who reflects multiplicity, resulting in a fluid, dynamic mix of sensuality and passion showcasing her multiple personalities: Peggy Pigtails and domineering Naughty Nirv.

Her fundamental understanding of the spiritual and cultural arts, coupled with her sensibility of the marketplace, and business / marketing strategy, solidly positions her, not only as an entertainer but also a savvy, forward thinking, cultured business woman. As she seamlessly merges her passion, drive, love of the arts, music and business into a creatively fueled lifestyle brand.

"NvStheArtist creates art without boundaries and not conforming to societal woes. Her commitment to creative evolution evokes a freedom of self wealth and awareness unparalleled".

- Wayne Barrow

President, ByStorm Entertainment.








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"I Talk In Tones"

by NvStheArtist